The sky really is the limit when it comes to launching an outdoor marketing campaign that focuses on EXPERIENCE, ENGAGEMENT & EXCITEMENT, wouldn’t you agree?

Back in 2019, we had the honour of partnering with a local digital marketing agency, Jumix as well as the notorious mobile multiplayer online battle arena, Mobile Legends for its Mobile Legend Bang Bang nationwide roadshow in Malaysia.

With E-sports’ popularity on the rise, Mobiled was very excited to take on our first live-streaming mobile gaming partner and explore the potential of our mobile LED truck and how it can serve as the outdoor marketing generator for Mobile Legends.

The campaign was organized to raise funds for charity while promoting the mobile game app. Mobiled’s multipurpose mobile marketing concept was perfect for creating brand awareness, as well as direct-approach marketing to go to where the target audience were!

The Mobiled truck went around hotspots near the actual event venue to get the word out about the upcoming event, with thousands of eyes spotting our wrapped truck, accompanied by promotional visuals for the event.

During the event, crowds were fascinated by the superb quality sound system, smooth live-streaming, and also the appearance of cosplayers dressed as their favourite characters in the game! All of these activities took place within our truck.

Mobiled had a secret formula that made the experiential event successful. We call it the Campaign Power Pack!

1. Attention Grabbing

Fresh and interesting event marketing tactic which is engaging and exciting for the audience.

2. Quality

Live game streaming projected on our massive LED screen for the viewing of crowds.

3. Customizability

Truck wrapping with Mobile Legends artwork designed specifically for the event.

4. Timeliness

Truck appearance at hotspots around event venue to create buzz and generate traffic to event venue on the actual day.

These elements were what made the Mobile Legends Bang Bang 2019 Roadshow a BANG!

In short, the partnership was Mobiledgendary!

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